December 31, 2023

The Best Questions to ask yourself before you set 2024 goals

Do you ever feel like you should be further along?

Another year has flown by, and before you wrap up this year and jump into 2024, ask yourself these questions:

1) What worked well this year? What can you focus more time and energy on to generate more business? What are the best income-producing tasks you need to do more of?

2) What do you need to let go of that’s not working? Any business or personal relationships that aren’t working or you’ve outgrown? Any tasks in your business that aren’t producing results?

3) What do you want your ideal day and your ideal week to look like? What are the best uses of your time? What do you need to delegate in 2024?

4) How do you want to feel this year? What would make 2024 the best year ever?

5) What areas do you need to work on in 2024? Where do you need help? What coaching or mentoring could you use to improve your skills and mindset and level up your business and life?

If you know you need support to get to your next level, make the decision to get a coach and start living the life you want now.

You can decide today that you’re done with the endless cycle of feeling lost, fear and procrastination and decide right now that you’re getting off the income roller coaster.

Decide to have a successful Real Estate business while being a fantastic parent and still prioritizing time for yourself.

Real Estate Methods For Success™ Coaching is customized to you. We can work on the foundation, strategies, and systems for your business, high performance habits, or a combination of both, wherever you need more focus and help.

Right now, my Coaching program also includes unlimited access to the Real Estate Methods For Success ™ Course. EVERYTHING you need to know to build a successful, family-first business and life you love.

Learn more about Coaching and book your strategy call today.

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