Strategic Focus Planner

Undated 90-day planner with durable hardcover and high quality paper. The most important tool to increase productivity, gain clarity, prioritize goals, maintain focus on what matters most & create intentionality within your weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks. 6 x 9 inches. 


Take a Look Inside the Strategic Focus Planner

The intention of this planner is to have everything you need, all in one place. No more post-it notes and random lists everywhere! I’m excited for you to finally reduce overwhelm and increase your productivity with the Strategic Focus Planner. I know you'll love it as much as I do. ~ Laura Flood

Introducing the Strategic Focus Planner

A comprehensive 90-Day Planner designed to help you establish a clear vision of your goals, maximize productivity and efficiency, eliminate overwhelm and keep you focused on what truly matters most. With everything you need conveniently consolidated in one place, this planner is your ultimate companion. 

Set Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly Goals

Set yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals, breaking them down into actionable tasks categorized as “to do now,” “to do soon,” and “to do eventually.” Research has proven that the act of writing down your goals significantly enhances focus and propels you toward achieving success. 


This planner offers month-at-a-glance sections where you can map out your schedule on a blank calendar. The dedicated planning pages are designed to outline your top goals, upcoming events, and celebrations, along with reminders of appointments to make and gifts to buy.

Weekly Planner

The weekly planner keeps you on track with a concise summary of the upcoming week, including weekly goals and categorized tasks. Time-blocking and a clear view of weekly tasks and appointments enable efficient planning and to easily identify blocks of free time. 

Habit Tracker

Monitor your progress on key priorities and KPIs with the included habit tracker, allowing you to track your weekly achievements and stay accountable. 

Meal Planning & Shopping List

Included weekly meal planning and tracking pages, as well as shopping lists, to help you stay organized and make healthy choices effortlessly. 

Daily Planner

The daily planner section empowers you to outline your top 3 priorities of the day, manage your comprehensive to-do list and quickly refer to your daily schedule. It also provides ample space for notes and capturing your creative ideas. 

Notes Pages

With an abundance of note pages, this planner ensures you have plenty of space to consolidate all of your thoughts and ideas in a single, organized location.

The Strategic Focus Planner is a must-have.

The Strategic Focus Planner is a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance productivity, reduce overwhelm, stay focused, and achieve significant goals. It’s undated, allowing you to start anytime, and comes in a durable hardcover format with high-quality pages conveniently sized at 6 x 9 inches.  

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